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How to travel to Kodiak on a budget

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How to travel to Kodiak on a budget


A lot of you can’t make it to Kodiak because of your small travel budget. But do you believe there is a way to see Kodiak without spending every cent in your bank account? Continue reading so you can learn what I think can help you save money during your stay and maybe you can learn a few things that you didn’t know!

Yes, flying on an airplane can be pricey, believe me, especially coming from someone that lives on an island. Alaskans are always trying to find way to get cheaper airfare or ways to get down to the lower 48 and one way that we do it are by saving our miles. If you are pretty good about collecting your miles, it won’t be as pricey getting up to Alaska unless you decide that you want to drive through Canada or take the Kennicott to Homer. Once you get here, it’s not easy to travel to most of our cities because of how large our state is. From Homer to Barrow is about 817 miles, equivalent to driving from Florida through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina to Virginia! Once you get to Alaska, the cheapest way to get to Kodiak is by taking a chauffeur service down to Homer to take the ferry down to Kodiak Island. You can either rent a berth or you can pack your sleeping bag and sleep on the floor in the lobby in the ferry.

Once you arrive in Kodiak, you will be set in downtown Kodiak where we have several bed and breakfasts and hotels that are within walking distance. If you are by yourself, you might benefit from renting a room at a bed and breakfast. They are typically super cheap a night. You also have the option of going to nearby motel to rent out a room also for cheap. If you have another person with you, you might benefit from renting a room at a hotel since they only charge per room instead of per person. Unfortunately, we do not have a hostel anymore so that would not be an option. Also, be sure to have a room with a fridge that way you don’t have to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can just run to the nearest grocery store and purchase some food to keep you from spending too much.

If you decide that you want to go out on an adventure to truly experience Kodiak, you can always walk over to the nearest bike rental shop and rent a bike. If you are a pretty fit person you can go anywhere on that bike. I would recommend heading north where you can see Fort Abercrombie, Monashka Bay and even White Sands Beach. On your way back, you can stop by the grocery store to pick up some essentials for the next few days that you will be there. If you’re feeling extremely adventures, you can always take the bike up Pillar Mountain or head south as far as you can. There are always bike trails around the area and you can purchase a hiking map from the Visitors Center, which is downtown.

I hope that you’ve learned a few things about traveling to Kodiak on a budget. Although it might seem impossible—it’s not! There is always a way to travel on a budget anywhere.

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