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Member Spotlight: Olds River Inn

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Member Spotlight: Olds River Inn

Whether you are renting a car or not there is always an opportunity to be able to drive the road system during your amazing stay in Kodiak. It is extremely scenic and you will be able to see why Kodiak is called Alaska’s Emerald Isle. Although it may seem strange, there is a local restaurant located about 30 miles out of town called the Olds River Inn Restaurant & Lounge. All the locals rave about it, and if you continue reading, you will find out why.

Like I said, there is always an opportunity to be able to drive the road system during your stay. You have a few options that you can choose from:

1)      You can rent a vehicle at one of our 2 local car rental agencies—Avis Car Rental & Budget.

2)      We have tour operators that you can go on a road system tour that can take you there (at special request.) Memory Makers, AAA Tour Company, Adventure Guides Kodiak, Ramblin’ On the Rock Fishing & Adventure Service—just to name a few. They will be taking you out in that general direction (for a full day trip) and can possibly make a quick stop.

3)      There are taxi services that can take you there for a fixed rate. Kodiak Island Taxi & Kodiak City Cab are 2 of our reliable cab services that would be glad to take the leisurely drive with you.

4)      If you know any locals, ask them to take you out there and treat them with some dinner or lunch!

5)      Stay at a Bed & Breakfast or Lodge in that area or at one of the cabins at Olds River Inn and you won’t have to go very far from where you’re staying to go there.

Walking inside the restaurant, there is large bar area, tons of seating inside or outside to choose from, a warm atmosphere, and has a very home-y feeling to it. Not only will you be greeted, you will also feel the welcoming vibe coming from either the waitress/waiter, or Fred & Mary, the owners, who are usually present. Personally, I like to take a seat by one of the large windows so that I can watch the horses graze the field directly across the street. Every once in a while, I can spot an owl hooting in the trees or the cattle freely roaming the road system like they usually do. They also have a few televisions that display any sports channel if you are interested in watching a few games during your dinner/lunch.

Although they don’t have a very large menu, you will have a difficult time choosing food before your quick and hardworking waitress/waiter comes by. Absolutely everything sounds extremely appetizing so be sure to take a few minutes to really look over your menu and to chat with your waitress/waiter about the menu items. I typically do not branch out from the foods that I know that I really like, so it is a little hard for me to tell you about how all the food tastes. I can tell you that whenever I take the drive there, the people that I’m with usually with get different menu items and I have never seen a plate leave any of our tables without being licked clean. My dinner/lunch always starts with the halibut poppers and an Alaskan Amber for my beverage of choice. As for my food, in my opinion, the parmesan crusted halibut with broccoli and mashed potatoes as my sides, is the best thing on the menu. It’s always moist and served hot from the oven. I also usually finish off my food with a slice of their homemade rhubarb pie.

Hopefully you decide that the commute to the Olds River Inn is in your “To Do” list during your vacation on Kodiak. With the great food, atmosphere and 5 star services, you will definitely want to stay as long as possible. Heck, why don’t you just spend the night so that you can eat there every day!

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