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5 Reasons you should visit Kodiak Island

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5 reasons you should visit Kodiak Island


Many of you may be wondering if you should go to Alaska or if you should make your way down to Kodiak. As a longtime resident, born and raised, I say that you should do both. Alaska is only what you see in the movies or on television shows so why not experience it for yourself? You’ll wonder why you never came to Alaska in the first place and here are a few reasons why you should make your way down to Kodiak Island:

1.       Kodiak is known for our Kodiak Brown Bears. If you REALLY want to see a bear, book a bear viewing trip with one of our local air charter businesses and they can get you as close as 50 km --SAFELY-- viewing some bears! Trust me, I’ve done it before and it is an experience of a lifetime. You can go back home and tell people that you spent a few days in bear country and you are alive to tell the story of how you defea….well, how you watched from a safe distance with a guide and an experience that they can only get by coming to Kodiak and seeing for themselves. Take photos for evidence!

2.       We have the largest United States Coast Guard base in the world. That’s right, the WORLD. It occupies 21,500 acres of Kodiak, contains over 170 buildings and over 400 housing units. It was first a naval station that was turned over to the Coast Guard in 1972 where it has grown and became the largest in the world ever since.  Photo courtesy:

3.       Fort Abercrombie is a must see for WW2 veterans that were stationed here and especially history buffs. Fort Abercrombie, formerly known as Fort Greely, is a great place to go for a nice walk in the woods or for a nice picnic on the beach. You can choose from many different trails and you can also visit the Military History Museum.  The museum’s hours are extremely limited but it is a great place to see the items that the military used back in those days. There are still bunkers that are present that they were planning on using in case of a Japanese invasion on the island that now sit vacant on the cliff edges of the Fort Abercrombie. You are more than welcome to enter the bunkers and take photos with the vast ocean behind you.

4.       There’s a beach you can surf named 3 Mile Beach, or locally known as Surfer’s Beach. Why is it known as Surfer’s Beach? Well, it’s kind of obvious isn’t it? It is the only place that you can drive to and catch a few waves crashing onto the beach. I don’t drive out there often, but when I do, there is always someone out there either leaving after surfing, getting ready to surf, or already in the water. It’s a 40 mile commute to Surfer’s Beach from town, so when you arrive, kick back and enjoy the scenery!

5.       It only gets more remote from there. If you are interested in really seeing the Alaska Untamed, then visit a Wilderness Lodge! There are some that are so remote, that you can only reach them by float plane. Experience what it feels like to receive groceries by plane, to be able to walk out your door to see the wilderness, see bears out the back deck, kayak in the warm summer sun and fish the river system or ocean—all in one luxurious package. I personally have not stayed at a Wilderness Lodge, but, I know for a fact that you will never want to leave. The best part? You get to experience Kodiak Island like some long time Kodiakan residents have never had a chance to do.

I hope that you enjoyed these 5 reasons to visit Kodiak—stay tuned and next week I will give you 5 more!

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