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5 More reasons you should visit Kodiak

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5 MORE reasons you should visit Kodiak

If you tuned in last week, you most likely saw the last blog post “5 Reasons you should visit Kodiak Island” and possibly loved it. Because Kodiak is such a remote island you might not know what you should do or even a reason why to come to the Emerald Isle. Well, that’s why the folks at Discover Kodiak are here: to help you plan and make your trip the most memorable, fun, adventures trip that you ever spent your every dime on. Here are 5 more reasons you should visit Kodiak Island:

1.       Fishing in Kodiak is killer! If you’re like me and don’t go out to fish much, Kodiak Island is definitely the place to start by picking up a rod & reel and casting your line into the water. I never have any luck catching fish—but, when I do go out to fish, I like to go salt water fishing since my odds of catching a fish is higher than catching everything in a river except for fish. Now don’t think that river fishing is hard because of me. I once landed the largest silver I have ever seen to this day. If I really put some effort into it, I can catch actual fish and you can too.

2.       We have the most amazing bush pilots in the world. No, I’m definitely not exaggerating. If you watch the Outdoor Channel, you probably saw the crew of Island Air on the show “Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots” and thought that it was just an exaggerated show. The stories they tell in that show were 100% real and the dangers of flying are extreme. If you’ve ever been to Kodiak, then you probably understand that the weather can change very quickly. Our bush pilots have the experience to navigate under pressure and do what is needed to fly—which is why I trust them when it comes to flying in one of their planes. Not only can they save lives, they can take you on a relaxing adventure around the island to help you see the real, rugged Alaska.

3.       There are always activities to do during Kodiak’s winter. There are so many activities that it’s actually kind of hard to name all of them right now. We have the Harbor Lights Festival with the Maritime Museum, bazaars all over town, Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day, snow trekking, hiking and even viewing the Northern Lights! For the Northern Lights, it might be a little harder to view than other places in Alaska, but it is definitely something to see while you’re in town. Kodiak is overcast more than usual during the winter, but on a clear, starry night, look north and you might just see them! The green glow with the occasional mix in of pink is something you shouldn’t miss.

4.       Seafood. Do I need to say more? Kodiak is one of the largest fishing ports in the world. There is no way you shouldn’t try our seafood! If you are somewhat technically savvy and have a Facebook, you can join one of the community private groups and try to find out if there is anyone selling some seafood fresh off the boat. I have seen many posts about people selling their scallops fresh and frozen. Another way is to stop by a restaurant and eat it the way that they prepare it. It is always amazing and you will definitely leave with a satisfied stomach. One of the better ways is to take a trip to one of our local seafood markets like Island Seafoods. You can either buy some off the shelf or take it back with you to cook, or you can send it straight home! There is nothing better than to have fresh seafood for your friends and family when you return home.

5.       Take the Alaska Marine Highway. Never heard of it? Well, a good way to travel around Alaska is the take the Alaska Marine Highway. It consists of 11 ferries that can take you all the way from Bellingham, Washington to Unalaska (or Dutch Harbor). Depending on where you’re going, the trips could be a few hours to a few days! It is a great way to see much of the Alaska southern coastline. Let’s not forget how big Alaska is so getting from Homer to Kodiak is about 9 hours depending on the weather. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the weather. You can also bring your own vehicle or RV onto the ferry so that you can make sure you always have some wheels during your stay in Kodiak. It is an extremely scenic route to Kodiak and I can almost guarantee that you will love it.

Tune in next week and we will give you a few more reasons! If you have any ideas, questions, or comments feel free to get a hold of us at (907) 486 4782 or email Jenifer at

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