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Membership Spotlight: Monk’s Rock Coffee House & Bookstore

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Membership Spotlight: Monk’s Rock Coffee House & Bookstore

There are so many reasons you should visit Kodiak. There are always amazing excursions to go on, wilderness lodges to stay at, flight trips to view the island, wildlife viewing and so much more! With all the great excitement, sometimes it feels really nice to just be able to sit down, relax, and take in the amazing community that calls Kodiak home, whether it is permanent or temporary. There are a few places in Kodiak that are perfect for a nice, relaxing lunch where you can enjoy the nice, local feel. Monk’s Rock Coffeehouse & Bookstore is one of those places!

Monk’s Rock Coffeehouse & Bookstore, or Monk’s Rock, is locally owned and operated by the students of the St. Innocence Academy who often work hard to ensure their customer service is flawless. I absolutely love stopping by to see their smiling faces happily working and on occasion, singing. I’ve personally experienced their wonderful voices only twice out of the at least 50 times that I’ve been there and I can say that their Georgian Folk songs are such a joy to listen to. For myself, I like to order food to go and hop in my car and park at a calming and relaxing beach to watch the waves roll in as I devour my food. I should stay and eat there more often so I have more time to gaze at the art on the wall and spend time in Czar’s Room. It’s an extremely captivating space to study the Russian portion of Kodiak Island’s heritage.

Pictured below is staff seranading the patrons:

The last time I had gone over to Monk’s Rock to stay for some lunch, it was a few days before Russian Christmas (January 7th). I ordered my favorite thing on the menu, which was the #1 Special--melted Gouda, bacon on sourdough bread with added turkey & avocado that came with my choice of chips. As I waited for my order, I walked around the gift area which consisted of beautifully crafted handmade gifts of Russian icons. I even got to witness their voices sing Christmas carols as I marveled at the beautiful icons hanging on the wall. As I sat down, they hand delivered my order, smiled, and appeared to have enjoyed the very short interaction. It really seemed to brighten the aura and make it glow even brighter than before. The food was PERFECT--the homemade bread complemented every bite and before I knew it, it was all gone. My son enjoyed his mamish, which consisted of creamy peanut butter on their homemade Struan topped with banana slices, sunflower seeds and honey. So simple, yet so elegant and delicious.

#1 Special:

Of course, there are other sandwiches and even drinks on the menu to order from. They give you the choice of going vegan or vegetarian if that’s what you prefer. There is a sandwich called Reuben Riddle that gives you a riddle and even a sandwich called Sara-nade—where they serve you and serenade you, if you please. There are also choices in homemade desserts that range from baklava to ice cream cones and milkshakes. Don’t forget the coffee they serve along with Russian tea that you can try out. If you love the homemade bread like I do, you can purchase a few loaves to take home and share..or not share!

I hope that when you visit Kodiak, you take the time to visit Monk’s Rock and enjoy what they have to offer. Honestly, this blog post does no justice—you have to come and experience this amazing place yourself to really understand and feel the aura the wonderful staff gives off. Be sure to purchase some gifts to take home and don’t forget to tell everyone about your amazing time in Kodiak.


Below is a list of their sandwiches:

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