Karluk (Population:  37)

On Kodiak’s southwest coast, the stunning village of Karluk sits astride the Karluk River overlooking Shelikof Strait.  It’s been described by some as a place of “severe beauty” and is characterized by low-lying mountains cut by rivers and streams.  It was one of the first places used by the Russians as an outpost because of the abundant supply of fish.  In the late 1700s and throughout the 19th century, Karluk was known as the site of the world’s largest red salmon run and operated the largest cannery in the world. The village continues to be a popular fishing destination for the adventurous angler seeking King and sockeye salmon.   The Kodiak bear holds a strong presence here and red fox, river otter, weasels, seals and ptarmigan can also been seen.  More than 46 registered archaeological sites along the Karluk River hold evidence of the original inhabitants.  Several lodges and cabins are available. You can also enjoy a raft trip on the river. A prominent feature in the community is the Karluk Russian Orthodox church, a historical landmark and the heart of the village.  Karluk is reached by air.