Kodiak King Salmon Derby

2017 Kodiak King Salmon Derby Dates: April 1st - June 1st


Kodiak King Salmon Derby Slam: May 6th


Shotgun Weekend Derby: July 1st & 2nd


The Kodiak King Salmon Derby’s mission is to “preserve and promote sport fishing opportunities on Kodiak Island. Discover Kodiak believes the 2017 Kodiak King Salmon Derby is an outstanding way to further this goal.

King salmon are the icon of Alaskan salmon. They are the largest, and many feel, the most delicious pacific salmon. King salmon are the premier target of many local sport fishermen and visitors from around the world. Unfortunately, the natural king runs on Kodiak Island are at historic lows and this is the case on many rivers state wide. As a community of commercial and sport fishers, most of us here in Kodiak have some direct impact on Alaska’s king salmon stocks. Sponsoring this derby is one way to acknowledge our roles as consumers in the king salmon world and to help give something back. Proceeds from the derby are dedicated to the king salmon enhancement project currently being conducted by the Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This project is in its’ 18th year and has successfully added to the king salmon population in waters surrounding Kodiak Island. It has also created a viable freshwater king salmon fishery on the Kodiak road system where before there was none.


Purchase a ticket at any of the King Salmon Derby vendors: Big Ray's Sport Shop or Discover Kodiak Downtown Visitor Center.

$20–Tickets must be purchased prior to fishing for salmon.

Tickets must be purchased prior to fishing. Each event requires seperate entry ticket.

Contestants may buy as many tickets as they would like, however they are non-transferable. 

Contestants may enter as often as they would like. However, only one salmon per ticket.

Salmon derby slam requires $200 buy in per boat.


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