What people are saying about Kodiak!


  • If you miss Kodiak, you don’t really see Alaska!
    Kathy, Colorado
  • This is a more remote side of Alaska, which is still true wilderness – and the abundance of huge bears makes that sense of wild feel palpable.  
    Wildlife Adventures Worth Traveling for in 2013, Huffington Post
  • Married in Homer Alaska, honeymooned in Kodiak. So welcomed by community....serenaded by a blue grass band in pouring rain at music festival....remote back country trip with Kodiak Treks...so many fond memories! One of the best choices we ever made...!!!!!  From many locals we heard "you chose Kodiak for your honeymoon!!" Yep!!! And no regrets. LOVED it!!    
    Theresa, Cleveland, Ohio
  • I have been to Kodiak four or five times and loved it more each time. When I was there in August, we saw a bear with three babies on our first day!
    Nancy, Michigan
  • Caught a 100 lb halibut; caught my first wild silver salmon in a lake w no name; saw my first Kodiak brown bear eating in a stream; saw my only blue fox; hiked my first old growth virgin rain forest; picked wild mushrooms; saw my first wild salmon run; took my first Russian banya; and made some great friends! I love my home state of Arkansas, but I miss Kodiak Island, Alaska!
    Kevin, Arkansas
  • Have you ever visited somewhere and wanted to live there for the rest of your life? As soon as I was able to explore Kodiak I was in love.

    The beaches, the wild life, the fishing, the people. This is a slice of natural heaven.

    Everyone should find their Utopia. Now I need a solid plan to get back there.
    Dannielle, Melbourne, Australia
  • Kodiak is very much the "real Alaska" that has been lost in other communities.
    Toby, Homer, Alaska
  • Our daytrip with Can't Get Enough Fishing guide Dale, took us on an adventure I'll never forget! Loved the bears, scenery, fishing, and the four wheeling!
    Carrie, Minnesota
  • Nothing compares with fishing Kodiak!
    Kathy, Colorado
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