Your Dream Wedding

Imagine your wedding with a 360 degree view of emerald green mountains and deep blue waters. Flowers provided by Mother Nature. Music the sound of sea birds and beat of the surf. Lasting wedding memories can be yours with a summer wedding on Kodiak Island.

A Kodiak Island wedding promises memories and adventure that will last a lifetime.  You simply cannot find a more unique destination than Kodiak Island to speak your vows to the love of your life.  It’s also a wonderful place for a quiet, low-key honeymoon full of wilderness adventures and solitude before you begin your life together.

The Wilderness Lodge Setting

Several Kodiak Island wilderness lodges provide accommodations for small parties (up to 30 people) while providing pristine scenery for your wedding.  Send your guests away after a day or two and continue on with a romantic, adventurous honeymoon where you will go bear viewing, fishing, kayaking, and whale watching. In the evening sit by a crackling fire and enjoy a glass of wine before snuggling into a cozy down comforter. 

The Beach Setting

Several nearby beaches offer beautiful settings as well as picnic areas for small receptions.  Some permanent gazebos offer protection from the elements.  Sea birds flutter like origami from the ocean surface while a gentle “swoosh” of surf and moving sand serenade you and your guests.  You’ll love your wedding photographs!

Cliffside Setting

With the sea as a backdrop, consider a ceremony atop one of Kodiak’s many cliffs that offer spectacular views.  Select a point that elevates you far above the sea while eagles sore overhead.  Say your vows while whales spout below and puffins skim the water.   Again, you will have wedding photographs unlike any of your friends!

Love Boat

Make your commitment aboard one of our many charter boats that can take you as far as the Katmai Coast and accommodate up to six people overnight.   Your witness will be a Kodiak brown bear!  Other boats are available for romantic dinner cruises and even a built in marriage commissioner.

Get Creative!  Call the Discover Kodiak and we will help you brainstorm ideas for a unique wedding or honeymoon.